Story of O Rings

Story of O Ring 
 (Over time these rings have also come to be called "Collar Rings" because they look similar to the collars worn on necks)
These rings are fashioned after the ring that O wore in the film version of the well-known "Story of O" as she experiences her journey through BDSM exploring her submissiveness. Often known as the "Story of O ring", it has also been called the "Story of O slave ring", or simply a "slave ring".
I make 9 styles of the Story Of O ring.  Each is available with a small or a medium or a large shackle. You can choose sterling silver, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, yellow or white gold and 14kt rose gold. Sterling silver rings can be made with sterling silver shackles or a 14kt gold shackle in yellow or rose gold.

Now worn by submissives, Dominants, Tops, and bottoms alike. They are worn on any finger, including the thumb. Some wearers choose to wear a slave ring on the left hand if submissive and on the right hand if Dominant; however, this is by no means a hard-and-fast rule.

This slave ring is a band with a representation of a shackle on the top of it. Originally it was a simple flat ring, but I have created a number of variations on it to cater to a variety of tastes.

The Story of O slave rings that I make come in a flat style and in a rounded style. Both are available in three different widths, and the shackle can also be made in three different sizes. As well, I have made styles of rings that resemble the links of a chain as opposed to a solid band of metal. Add a shackle to a ring like this and you have a chain-link Story of O ring.
There is another style of slave ring that I make that was popular in the 1970's. This "Classic slave ring" is built in such a fashion as to appear as a "V" on the wearer's finger. It is available with or without the same sort of shackle as on the Story of O ring.

The Shackles
The shackle is the round ring on the top your ring. You can choose from three different sizes.
The large shackle is 13.0 mm in diameter.
The medium shackle is  11.5 mm.
The small shackle is 9.25 mm.
The shackle will not fall off! (Unlike the inexpensive look alike rings that are available) The shackle is free to move back and forth. It is welded shut.

Shackles on Sterling Silver Rings
When choosing a sterling silver ring you can have a sterling silver shackle, or a 14kt yellow gold or a 14kt rose gold shackle.
Shackles on Gold Rings
A  gold ring can be made with a choice of the color of gold for the shackle.  The shackle in any size can be:      yellow gold      white gold      rose gold
Anyone familiar with the distinctive style of a ring with a shackle on it will easily recognize it as a Slave ring or Story of O ring, and will associate the wearer with a BDSM lifestyle or interest of some sort.

The slave rings that I make are of very high quality, hand-made and polished. I make them in yellow and white gold and rose gold. I also make them in sterling silver.  I regularly work in platinum as well. Please write for a quote for any ring that you want in platinum.

As you can see, there is a considerable selection from which to choose.

Story of O Rings are made individually to your chosen specifications.  The usual time to make your ring and have it ready to ship to you, is 8 business days.

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