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 I graduated from George Brown College in 1977, by which time I had already acquired several years of experience in manufacturing jewelry.  My growing skills, in conjunction with my zest and passion for my work, resulted in an Honours Diploma in Jewellery Arts and recognition as the top student in my class. 

After graduating with an Honours Diploma in Jewellery Arts at the top of my class and then achieving the coveted title of Graduate Gemmologist, I embarked upon a fascinating career. I have spent four decades designing and constructing fine jewelry. For most of those years I worked for myself, but when I did work for others it was for some of the finest jewelry firms with name recognition in Canada and the U.S.

 Jewellery Arts         
Honours Diploma George Brown Collage

My studies continued as I worked to achieve the coveted title of Graduate Gemologist given by the Gemological Institute of America.   Shortly thereafter I completed the testing required to be awarded the diploma that made me a Graduate Gemologist.

 Diamond Grading
First I acquired a certificate for Diamond Grading in 1980, followed by a certificate in Colored Stone Grading, Evaluation and Identification in 1982.
  Gem Stone Grading
I then achieved a certificate in Colored Stone Grading, Evaluation and Identification in 1982

 Graduate Gemologist
Gemological Institute of America

Later in 1982, I completed the testing required to be awarded the diploma that made me a Graduate Gemologist.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to do work for some of the finest jewelry stores in Canada and The United States. That fine quality and skilled work is what I am committed to bringing to the jewelry that I make.

It has now been more than twenty two years since I attended my first munch. When the people there discovered that I was a goldsmith, I was immediately inundated with questions about various possibilities for kink-related jewelry. That first exposure to this demand expanded to encompass my many quality designs of rings, collars, and other BDSM-related jewelry made in precious metals. The website that I then constructed to reflect my work resulted in orders for my work that have been shipped to more than 30 different countries and every state in the U.S. I am thus now fortunate enough to be able to make my living solely on my jewelry creations for the kink community.
What a great job I have! 

As a businessman who values integrity and ethical behavior, I believe that I have a social responsibility to my community customers and to society at large. As such, I contribute my time, energy and talents in a variety of ways - more often discreet than not - in aid of individuals and the local community both. My social responsibility extends to running my business in as “green” a fashion as possible in an effort to be a friend to the environment as well as to people.

My personal side……

I moved my interest in and experience with kink from the bedroom to the public community approximately 22 years ago by beginning to attend munches. Shortly thereafter, I had the great good fortune to become part of the DSSG (Dominant / Submissive Support Group) organization. I benefited greatly from the accumulated decades of experience of the other members of that organization. This group no longer functions locally, but at that time we organized and ran two monthly munches (Toronto & Hamilton), a monthly play party (Hamilton), many educational workshops, and the first large-scale BDSM camping weekend in Ontario (Turkey Point).

I used host the Hamilton BDSM Mixer (a type of munch) at the same venue previously used by the DSSG for munches and play parties: in the basement dungeon of a bar that caters to alternative lifestyles. This environment had allowed a unique level of openness, which no doubt helps to explain its great local popularity! Sadly the venue is now gone and I still once in a while consider doing a "reunion" event.

I am also pleased to assist other event organizers from time to time in a variety of ways, although my contributions tend to be made quietly and “behind the scenes”, so to speak. 

I especially enjoy public play, and I like to keep those DM’s on their toes with a healthy dose of edge play! 

I am the father of three sons who, are now in their early thirties, who have been aware and supportive of my lifestyle for many years.