Commitment Rings

Commitment Rings

  In an alternative lifestyle, it is common for individuals to commit to one another in a relationship. It may be a church or state - sanctioned marriage or it may be a personal commitment made by the couple, perhaps marked with a ceremony.   Historically speaking, a ring has nearly always been the traditional symbol of a couple's commitment to each other. It is only natural that we who are involved in an alternative lifestyle will wish to wear a ring as a sign of our own pledges to others. The "commitment ring" is a perfect choice. Since we have already chosen to be involved in a way of life that is non-ordinary, we are also free to choose designs and styles of jewelry that are not restricted to the typical "wedding ring".
It may embody any number of significant ideas, for example, the concept of "being together" or of a "joining". To represent this thought, a commitment ring could be made in two intertwining colors of gold, or it could be designed as two parts of the ring "coming together" as in a knot. In such a ring, subtlety and discretion meet meaning and significance to any degree that its wearer wishes.

Story of O Ring
Original Collar Rings - Story of O Rings

Now worn by submissives, Dominants, Tops, and bottoms alike. They are worn on any finger, including the thumb. I know that many times these rings are used to show a relationship. They are used for collarings. Many are used for wedding rings and engagement rings. They are sometimes worn by both parties to a commitment. An inscription added to the inside can include dates and a personal message such as "Owned by..." or "Property of..." 


Knot Ring
Knot Rings

The symbol of the knot used on these rings has not only meaning for rope enthusiasts and the idea of bondage, but also can symbolic of a tying together of the people in a relationship. The idea that a knot when pulled upon will resist separating and will get even tighter represents a commitment to one another of those involved in a relationship.

Collar Ring
Collar Rings

Rings that have an appearance of a buckle on them have been quickly embraced by the kink community. These rings are symbolic of the leather wrist and ankle cuffs used to hold one in bondage. They also appear to represent the buckle found on leather collars. Used often as a collar that is easily and discretely worn in a "vanilla" setting the collar/cuff ring is a symbolic choice for many. The rings can have an inscription added within and the hidden information inside of the ring will attest to the commitment of the couple involved.


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