How to Determine Sizes


Finger size - the very best way to determine a finger size is to visit a jeweler.

 Visit a local jeweler. Many jewelry stores are obliging when asked to measure a finger. If you are ordering a wide ring, let them know. They will use a set of ring sizers that is for wide rings. Choose that size for your order.

 Canada and the United States - this is the finger sizing method that I use.

Canada and the united States use a sizing system for rings that is identical. This finger sizing method differs from many other countries and many of those differ among themselves.

Other Countries

If you are in a country other than Canada or the United States, your finger will be measured and expressed by letters or numbers that are easily transferred to the sizing system that I use for my orders. Some countries show finger size measurements expressed in the diameter or the circumference of the finger. See the sizing chart on Wikipedia to determine your finger size as needed. You can find it here..... Sizing Chart

Clever Ideas for getting a finger size.

You can search the internet for many ideas on how to get the size of your finger. Visit my Pinterest page for a number of ideas. You can find my page here.....

Franklin's collection of ideas for getting a finger size.