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collar rings
It was my great pleasure and honour to make rings for @Cor1955 and @031-210-127 
See this picture and the caption that is found with it on 
@031-210-127 profile. Caption is as copied below...
"O/our beautiful customized wedding rings courtesy of 
@Franklin@Fetjeweller! Nothing like exquisite O rings to consummate this sacred Master/slave marriage."
Low Profile Emblem Ring
Low profile Emblem Ring

Classic Emblem ring




shackled heart pendant

Master Ring

BDSM Emblem Symbol Cuff Links


  BDSM Emblem Symbol Rings

collar ringStory of O Ring gold


Knot Ring

       Story of O Ring sterling silver gold shackle  

Story of O Ring - yellow gold with rose gold shackle  Story of O Ring - classic design  Collar Ring - yellow and white gold 

Shackled Heart Pendant - yellow and white gold