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Franklin the Fetjeweller

Flat Chain Link Collar Ring - Made in Gold

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Gold Choices*

The Flat Chain Link collar Ring - Story of O Ring

It has the appearance of flat chain links encircling the finger. On the top of the ring is a shackle recreating a Story of O Ring - collar ring

From left to right is a ring with a small shackle, medium shackle and a large shackle.

You can choose the shackle to be made in yellow, white or rose gold.
See a photo gallery of rings made in various colors of gold and with many different shackles here .... Story of O Slave Ring Gallery

Story of O Slave Ring - flat chain link - slave ring

Choose to have me make this ring for you in

  • 10 kt yellow gold
  • 10 kt white gold
  • 14 kt yellow gold
  • 14 kt white gold
  • 14 kt rose gold
  • 18 kt yellow gold
  • 18 kt white gold 
  • When you order a Story of O Ring, I make it for you in your finger size. 
  • Information about getting your finger size is found here..... Finger Size
  • It takes about 8 days for me to make your ring and then I will ship it to you.
  • Shipping Information can be found here.... Shipping Information